Fixup Software Ltd. offers design and implementation services for minimal footprint software stacks which provide maximal performance and security.

The problem with contemporary mainstream operating systems is that their design derives from the mainframe world of 50 years ago. In the modern world of embedded systems, IoT and cloud services, the classic OS brings a plethora of baggage such as vast resource consumption, performance issues and security concerns. However, OS-like components are still required to provide the services which applications rely on: e.g. TCP/IP, device drivers and file systems. Our speciality is the rump kernel technology, which allows using the necessary components without the bulk of the OS. The result is a software stack which includes only what your application software needs — the lack of unnecessary bulk will improve your product in terms of security, robustness, performance and resource footprint.

Dr. Antti Kantee <> Fixup Software Ltd.
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